Future Games : Do you think we should add more games/software? Please send in a ticket to the corporation with the form below.

  • Be sure to include the following! (Otherwise you will never get a reply…) :
  • In-game name.
  • Intro on what game you want and why you want the [JungC] to have it.
  • The website link to the game/software.
  • Link of a video explaining the game. (If there is not one get a wiki page)
  • The game should not consist the following:
    • Blood
    • Violence
    • Demonique, Angelique, etc.
    • Sex, etc.
    • Magical material
    • Spiritualism
    • Drugs
    • Your IGN (required)

      Your Email (required)

      App. Name (required)

      App. Link (required)

      App. Description (required)

      Additional Details and Notes

      –If you have an software that may include one of the above and you believe that JungC may approve it, send it anyways. Just because we say it’s not allowed doesn’t mean we won’t give it a test run. So long as members continue to follow the ‘Code of Ethics’, the game could be added to the approved list.


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