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[JungG] On the 22nd of this month aka JUNE we will be hosting a get together and be playing the game **EXECUTIVE ASSAULT!** Between the 20th – 22nd we will be giving away 4 copies of this game and its a first come first serve basis.

Other then that if you have a job and a decent income please purchase the game asap practice some and get ready for the coming event this Saturday the 22nd.

**__Rules for EXECUTIVE ASSULT in order to avoid Desync & bugs:__**

**1:** Max 50 units `(aka don’t research for additional unit control)`
**2:** Max 10 Bunkers.
**3:** No TRION Artillery
**4:** Don’t attack P.C.F. the first 10min. `Player Control Faction`
**5:** Max 1 Artillery Building.
**6:** Those with good internet and decent PCs may be CEOs
**7:** Game must not last more then 2hrs, once the 1hr and 30min mark has been hit. Its time to FINISH the opposing team! XD
**8:** Use the appropriate server for best connection speed.

Get the game on steam → here    sdfsd




  1. THIS IS A JUNGG test

    Yuki is awesome!


  2. AHoy, seems promising the lets have fun on executive assault.

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