Follow the Code ~ Be with Honor ~

[JungG] Code of Ethics

Love – Love thy neighbor; we take care of each other as family.
           We should help those advance forward to better themselves if they need it. We shouldn’t exclude those who cannot help themselves.
                       Refusing to help others with difficulties doesn’t show love.

Honor – Have high respect for one another.
Respect – Treat others the way you want to be treated; valuing each other’s points of view.
            Everyone wishes to be part of the group. If you don’t acknowledge one’s point of view, remember that they may be affected by it in ways you wouldn’t think. Treat them the way you would want to be treated, respectably.  

Diligence – Be careful and persistent in your work & effort.
           If we do not accommodate those that have issues, we aren’t being consistent in our attempt at following the code of honor.
                       It may be difficult for others to understand, or handle things. We should provide assistance if they wish to have such.

Moderation – The avoidance of excess or extremes, esp. in one’s behavior or political opinions.
           If we do not moderate our own actions, we can’t provide a good example of the code. […]

Self-Evaluation – Think about your actions. Example: “Should I be doing this?”
           You should think twice about your response to someone who doesn’t fully understand something.
                       Telling someone to “keep it simple stupid”, may come off to them as them being stupid. Many may understand that this is just a saying, however some may take it literally and you must keep this in mind when you think about what you are doing.

Humble – Having or showing a modest or low esteem of one’s own importance.
           Everyone is human, everyone has flaws. Remember that when making decisions.

Team Oriented – Participate as, and with the team.
           You shouldn’t exclude one from participating because of “their” problem.

Communication – To socialize with other members of the team.
           If you do not communicate the problem to an individual, they will not learn. Communication is key in everything, and failing to help those understand what they need to know breaks the meaning of communication.

Meek – Be teachable, with controlled strength.
           If you cannot learn to accept others with problems, you are not being teachable. You should remain open to the possibility that sometimes others cannot help themselves without help from others.

Impartial – Treating all rivals, disputants and judgements equally; fair and just.
Reasonableness – The state of having good sense and sound judgement.
           If you don’t accept the fact that sometimes an individual cannot help themselves with an issue. You are not being reasonable. Accommodate those that need help that is also reasonable to you. Remember, everyone has feelings and some are more sensitive to them.

~ Junior Administrator [Germanium] Coaster3000

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