“Create your anime life in Mabinogi, an MMO that emphasizes friendship and freedom over combat and quests. With the unique Rebirth system, you can live forever in the magical paradise of Erinn. Bring along your friends or make new ones in a world of possibility.” – Official Steam Page for Mabinogi

You can get the game on steam here.

You can get the game from the official website here.

If you need any help with anything in Mabinogi, feel free to go here to read the beginner’s guide so you can learn to play!



Be sure to join the Ruairi server!  So that you may join YOUR team! More information on the server here.

It is highly recommend to read Mabinogi’s Terms Of Use! It is even required for you to accept those terms with Nexon when joining the game.

Direct Download Links:

Mabinogi Downloader

If you have download problems with the Downloader, or would prefer to get the game client the old fashioned way, click here.

System Requirements

If your system doesn’t meet the recommended requirements, the game will either fail to run or operate at subpar performance. For an ideal gaming experience, your PC should meet or exceed the specifications below.

Type Recommended
OS Windows 7 or higher
CPU Dual Core 2.5Ghz or better
RAM 4GB or higher
Graphics GeForce 7600GS/Radeon X1300 or better
Direct X Version Direct 9.0c or newer
Web Browser IE8/Firefox/Chrome

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