Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica


The [JungC] BSGO  Storyline

-Our Corporation Storyline on what we are doing in space.(now we all have an imagination so be sure to use it 🙂 So we are all nice and comfortable in the Galactica Spaceship vessel thingy what ever you want to call it. And it so happens their is a planet like earth nearby where we start to populate and live comfortably, where we can all relax and play with our remote control ships. In other words their is no point in saying “I killed his ship”, “I’m dead” or anything along those lines. Yes your ship is down, and yes you did put the opponents ships back to spawn. Have fun fly safe. :)

Welcome to the team please click on the image above to register and join your team. 🙂

How to be sure to join your team

  1. Register by clicking the image above.
  2. Click the Register button and fill out your Gamming information.BSGO Website Registration
    1. To avoid spam dont check the 2nd box.
  3. Be sure to join the US server.firefox_2016-09-20_12-02-11-copy
  4. Now you may press the firefox_2016-09-20_11-49-36button in order to install the BSGO client on your computer.
  5. Once you have succesfully installed the BSGO client, it will prompt you to login.launcher_2016-09-20_12-55-14
  6. After logged in, the BSGO client will commence verifying the cache and you will see launcher_2016-09-20_12-56-12  once it is ready.
  7. Please choose the COLONIAL side*, or you will not be able to play with your team. bsgochoosesides0
  8. Take your time in the tutorial and understand the aspects of the game.
  9. Join the JungfahaCorporation Wing via Teamspeak and JungC members. Have fun, & fly safe. 🙂

Please post on the forums we have supplied so that you may have more people join you in game.



Writen by: Waterball

Ship Class:
1) Strike
– Fast, cheap to upgrade and use, stealthy in the map, easy to get into line ship blindspot
x Defense and Damage are weak, have to specialize in either fighting big ship, small ship or mining
2) Escort
– Good accurate enough against strike, OK amount of defense and damage
x Have to run away from Line ship
3) Line
– Huge hitpoint and defense, good for large scale battle
x Expensive to get, upgrade and repair, Slow
4) Carrier & Capital
– Good for large scale battle, work as a team and provide support
x Takes forever to get one, capital ship waste merit a lot

Ship Role:
1) Interceptor
– Fast, more Engine slot
x Bad Dradis range, Damage and Hitpoint
2) Command
– Good dradis range, Energy, more CPU slot, perfect as support
x Medium speed, Defense and damage
3) Assault
– Best Defense and hitpoint
x Slow speed, Medium dradis range
4) Multi
– Overall better than the above three class
x Cost merit to upgrade

1) Cannon
– High DPS, good against ship of the same class, relatively low ammo cost, Good at close range
– Bad range, strike class cannon can’t do much against line armor while line cannon hardly can hit strike

2) Missile Launcher
– Long Range, work against ship of all class
– Low DPS, have a minimum range of 200m, Ammo is quite expensive, Upgrade only reduce reload time instead of damage means higher ammo cost, easy to dodge or shoot down

3) Torpedo Launcher
– Good Single Hit Damage, range
– Ammo cost Merit, Long reload mean low DPS

4) Flak (only Line above)
– Excellent in large scale battle for creating defensive zone against strike
– Doesn’t work in close range

5) Point Defense (only Line above)
– Shoot down missile
– Close range, DPS isn’t high, need at least 2 gun to do enough damage against missile, Damage is too low against nuke / other strike

6) Mining cannon
– x5 damage (x5.5 with asteriod mining skill 10) means excellent against asteriod, 0 ammo cost
– bad in combat, takes quite a lot energy to operate

Recommended Computer slot
1) Enhanced sensor – better dradis range means easlier to hide from enemy or hunt NPC, cost no energy
2) ECM module – Either reduce energy avoidance or speed, reduce avoidance help against strike alot
3) Damage increase module – use along with ECM module to boost damage even higher
4) Active Dradis Array (Command Only) – almost double dradis range, cost little energy
5) Mining Analysis module – A must for asteriod mining

Keep in mind some module or weapon cost cubit or merit to run (Run click the module and check the last sentence of the description, For example for Auxiliary Power Module, It says Uses light power cells, which cost 10 cubit each in consumable tab)

Recommended Hull slot
1) Hull Plating – Increase hitpoint, helps against bigger class ships
2) Armor Plating – Increase Armor, helps against smaller class ships
3) Damage Control – Regen hitpoint while in battle, good in pvp but cost cubit to use
4) Decoy Launcher – A certain chance of distracting missile in range towards you

Recommended Engine slot
1) Turbo Booster – Increase boosting speed, good for fleeing or huntint
2) RCS duncting – Increase avoidance, help defend against cannon round
3) Slide – Let you rotate the ship while maintain the same speed and moving direction, good for line ship or missile boat

Things to consider when choosing weapon / module

1) What you want to do – As a strike ship you can’t go fight strike ship, line ship and do mining with the same setup. You properly want to use 3 the same weapon instead of going 1 mining gun 1 missile launcher 1 cannon. As a strike ship against another strike, medium to close range cannon is your best choice while against bigger ship like line, they have heavy armor and your cannon can’t do much damage, its better to use Nova missile or the Kinetic Kill cannon if you running Rhino since they have around 30 points of armor piercing

2) Energy cost – All weapon cost energy to use and even some module, As a strike ship your energy regen is around 5 per second, the power cost of most cannon is 2 ( Reload 0.5 sec x 1 power cost ) that means you can only keep 2 or 3 gun firing without depleting energy, certain ship have 5 gun, line ship can have like 8 to 9 gun, you have to think whether you can have all your weapon doing their job while have some extra energy for modules.

3) Range, Avoidance and Armor Piercing – Strike ship have high avoidance but low armor while line ship is the other way round, depends on what enemy you going against you should use the right weapon, don’t just look at the range or Damage it does and decide which one is better, basically the damage you can actually do with a certain weapon is : DPS x Armor modifier x Avoidance modifier x critical modifer x range modifer

DPS is simply reload x damage – strike ship usually reload faster, means using more ammo while line ship ammo is expensive but they reload slowly and use less of them

Armor Modifier – 1-(enemy armor – armor piercing)/100 (max is 100%) suppose you use strike cannon against another strike without armor upgrade, you do 100% damage since you have armor piercing of 5 with your cannon and strike ship has 5 point of armor. However if you use strike cannon against a line assault with armor upgrade, you can only do 20% damage since line assault can get to 85 points of armor with upgrade while you only have 5 points of armor piercing

Avoidance modifier (no accurate data) – (max is 100%) most strike ship have default 500 points of avoidance while can be further increase by engine slot module etc. Strike cannon have 400 accuracy means a good amount of round would hit while line cannon only have 125 accuracy means the hit rate is below 25%

Critical modifier (no accurate date) – You do more damage with higher critical but no more than 10% of your total projetile hit can be increase. Basically there is no point to increase your critical or critical defense in this game since they don’t affect alot.

Range modifier – Cannon have minimum range, maximum range and optimal range. From minimum range to optimal range, all shell can protentially hit the target (still some would miss because of enemy avoidance) however at maximum range almost no shell can hit, the shell that can hit the target depends on the range. Suppose your cannon range is 0-1000, optimal range is 600, 100% shell would hit at 600m, 75% shell would hit at 700m, 50% shell would hit at 800m, 25% shell hit at 900m while 0% shell hit at 1000m. Its is best to maintain below optimal range unless enemy use a shorter range gun than yours.
Experience and Skill:
You get experience from finishing dailies, Mining Asteriod, doing PvP, dynnamic missions but the fastest way to get exp is from hitting NPC and Platform. Hitting high level strike cylon NPC is recommended, you can also spend some cubit to buy the double experience pack if you want to level quick.

There are total 19 skill groups, each have 2 sub-skill, making a total 57 skills. You don’t really need they all, if you only use cannon, you don’t need to upgrade missile combat. If you only use strike ship, you don’t need flak gun upgrade. Keep in mind in order to upgrade a sub skill to a certain level, the main skill have to be at least at that level already as well.

Skill Training can’t be cancelled or reset, so choose only skill that you need. Main skills let you do high level equipment upgrades so maybe you want to get all the main skill up first to around level 6. To get all skill to level 10 you need to be lv 106.

Skill level 1:    15minutes     500exp
Skill level 2:    1 hour         2000exp
Skill level 3:    2hour 15m   4500exp
Skill level 4:    4hour           8000exp
Skill level 5:    6hour 15m   12500exp
Skill level 6:    9hour          18000exp
Skill level 7:    12hour 15m  24500exp
Skill level 8:    16hour         32000exp
Skill level 9:    20hour 15m  40500exp
Skill level 10:  25hour         50000exp

Earning Exp:
Mining Asteriod: 50exp
lv 20 daily: ~1000exp
lv 12 Platform: 100exp
lv 30 strike: 250exp (can be found in Denebol North East)
lv 37 strike: 275exp

Avoid hitting enemy more than 5 level below you (doesn’t matter for lv 20 above enemy) since you get less reward from them

Tylium, Titanimum, Water, cubit and merit.
1)Tylium-You get most of them in daily, fighting, mining. You should have enough tylium as long as you do the daily so mining for tylium is not recommended. They are used for purchasing ships and equipments, do low level equipment upgrade, buy ammo and also boosting and jumping. (You can sell the comm access / FTL override for quick tylium)
2)Titanimum-You only get them from mining. You only need them for repairing ship, doesn’t cost a lot for repairing strike but you want to save them up if you do pvp and lost your ship a lot or if you are running line / capital ship
3) Water-You get them from mining and salvage. You can only exchange 280k water to cubit every week, every water asteriod give you around 500-1000 water so its hard to use up the limit. Map at the Mid Top usually have more water asteriod, like hatir, calibaan, vidofnir. salvage sometimes give 500 water as well so you want to collect them if you see it on your map. Recommend using a strike with 2 asteriod scanner. The quicker you can scan asteriod, the more water asteriod you can find, just ignore those tylium and titanimum asteriod. Upgrade your scanner and mining cannon so you can get water faster since cubit is basically the most important thing you need.
4) Cubit-You get them from doing daily, and exchange with water. Cubit is needed for buying certain ship, upgrade ship and equipment, buy better ammo and some comsumable.
5) Merit- You get them from finishing the players defeated daily and doing pvp. You can only get 1000 merit everyday (can be doubled with the booster brought with cubit in the shop), needed to upgrade multi class ship or buy nuke. Or buy the brimir carrier or rent the capital ship.

Asteriod Mining:
You need to mine for Titanimum and Water. Using a escort or line ship doesn’t really give you an advantage over strike since the damage of the mining cannon is roughly the same. However you can defend yourself while using a bigger ship since you have slot left for other weapon, but its harder to hide or run away from enemy and its also more expensive to repair in case you lost the ship. 3 mining gun should be enough since you don’t have enough energy regen to use even more guns (each mining cannon cost 4 energy per second while strike only regen around 5-6 energy per second), recommend to use 2 scanner so you can scan asteriod faster, try to upgrade the scanner and mining gun, since mining give you water which let you get better equipments. Don’t use the Area scanner since it cost cubit to use it. You can also get the damage increase module since it give more damage without using too much energy like your mining cannon. Try to get asteriod mining skill up since it increase damage output of your mining gun against asteriod from x5 to x5.5. There is no point using weapon other than mining gun for mining, not only because mining gun can do 5 times more damage against asteriod, also because it doesn’t cost anything besides energy to operate them. For example a lv 15 strike mining cannon can do around 66DPS to asteriod while normal cannon only hit for 33DPS. I would recommend using Raptor FR for mining. Also recommend doing mining when Colonial have more control on the map since it increase the amount of stuff in asteriod

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