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Have you ever heard or seen of those paper weights that are shaped like rectangles and sometimes have nice covers? Well, those aren’t paper weights. They’re called books. And what is a book? you might ask. Some people have opened them up to see that there are scribbles on the paper sheets inside. But those aren’t scribbles. They’re words. Words that one can read to go on imaginary journeys, explore one’s boundaries of knowledge, and contemplate about the state of the present world. With the age of electronics upon us, you might ask, “Well, why read a book? It’s just big and bulky and takes up space. Why not read from a laptop or a tablet?” A book is expendable. You can take it anywhere and everywhere without worrying about outlets, batteries, and brightness of the screen.
To further illustrate the advantages of a paper book compared to electronic versions, read this poem:
A book is a ticket to another place
It can be more knowledge to take up space
In that brain of yours. Cells need to flourish
What better way than through a story to nourish?
It’s not live action as a TV show
But it certainly beats watching the dreary days flow
A book is a way to expand one’s mind
Without the glare, pain, and headache of technology’s bind
A book serves no harm to one’s brain
Instead of those reality TV shows running after you like a train
One can curl up in a nook
With a very good book
Read one today
It’s a knowledgeable way.

-Composed by RannaRuhiya

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