Welcome to the Jungfaha Group [JungG]™

The Jungfaha Group is a place where people from all over the world have the opportunity to get together, using modern communication tools, and enjoy some good clean fun. We come together to converse about life, play games, and much more.

Not your average online community.

The [JungG]™ is far different then most communities. Imagine a place where harmony, team-work, peace, and respect are truly enjoyed by many.

About the [JungG]™

Safety and Security are paramount. Everyone here has chosen to cooperate with one another. The rules & guidelines which allow us to overcome our differences work to keep the group safe.

Your personal information?

The internet is a very dangerous place, it is recommended to keep one's personal information to themselves. One should never feel pressured for such information, hence why the [JungG]™ was created.

[JungG]™ Follow the code ~ ~ Be with honor ~ ~ ©™

Quality over quantity! Rather have a few good individuals then a bunch of jerks. Code of Ethics being the back bone of our team.
About the [JungG]

About the [JungG]

Individuals of the Jungfaha Group [JungG]™ try their best to follow reasonable ethics: Love, Honor, Respect, Diligence, Discipline, Moderation, Humility, Meekness, and Reasonableness. These simple yet meaning full words, when properly applied allow many from different backgrounds and ethnicity to coexist in harmony.
How To Join

How To Join

Would you like to join a team where Respect & Ethics are a actually applied?
A Growing Community

A Growing Community

We are a growing and have lots to learn, edit and fix, thank you for your time and understanding. If you would like to help the [JungG] grow, please meet us on Discord.
The [JungG]™ is NOT JUST, A group, in A game, on A server. The [JungG]™ is an ONLINE INTERNATIONAL GAMING COMMUNITY.
*Minimum age 5 years old. Maximum Age 1005 years old. (Anyone under the age of 12 is required to have their parents speak with one of our staff members. Anyone older then 1005... well, sorry you're just too old. :)